Sexual assault charges are particularly serious in Missouri because a conviction could result in a lifetime on the sex offender registry. Your reputation, family life and employment options could be at risk. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you fight the charges and protect your future.

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A Sex Offense Conviction Carries Lasting Consequences

I am defense attorney Andrew T. Christie, and I know that a sex crime conviction could change the course of your life, landing you in prison and on the sex offender registry. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I have defended many clients accused of sex crimes, including statutory rape, sodomy, possession of child pornography and other felony sex crimes.

My approach is to listen to your side of the story and analyze the facts of the case. I will explain your options and offer legal advice informed by my experience defending clients against sexual assault charges, including rape and internet sex crimes.

You Need A Lawyer Prepared For Trial

Many sex offense cases go to court because the state prosecutes these cases aggressively and most defendants want to avoid a sex crime conviction at all costs. I am an experienced litigator who knows how to prepare for success at trial. I will fight to protect your rights and your reputation. At every stage of the process, I will keep you fully informed of your options.

I am available evenings and weekends to answer questions about your case. I also offer payment plans.

Contact An Experienced Litigator

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