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Fighting For You In Defense Of Homicide Charges

If you’ve been charged with murder or manslaughter, your future, freedom and your life are on the line. Do not make the mistake of thinking police are on your side — they are not. The government has one goal: securing a guilty verdict. They aren’t interested in your side of the story.

I am attorney Andrew Christie, I am on your side. I will fight for you, for your freedom and for your future.

Protecting Your Rights, Your Freedom And Your Future

Located in Kansas City, my firm defends clients in the surrounding communities against homicide charges. I have the skills to handle the most serious felony charges, including:

  • First-degree murder
  • Second-degree murder
  • Felony murder
  • Voluntary manslaughter
  • Involuntary manslaughter
  • Vehicular manslaughter

Vehicular manslaughter charges often go hand in hand with DUI charges. If you were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and caused an accident that killed another, you can be charged with a DUI and vehicular manslaughter.

If convicted of homicide, you could be facing anywhere from four years to life in prison without parole. Your life may also be at stake. In Missouri, first-degree murder is punishable by death. Even after serving your time, a homicide conviction will shadow you for the rest of your life.

A Strong Defense Against Homicide Charges

You have rights. Know them. At The Law Office of Andrew T. Christie, LLC, I take the time to explain your options to you and the pros and cons of each approach. Once you know your rights and your options, we will develop a defense strategy that gives you the best chances at a favorable outcome.

I do everything in my power to defeat your homicide charges. I won’t roll over and accept subpar plea deals. I fight for my clients in court. When advantageous, I use outside experts — such as private investigators and criminologists — to bolster your defense.

To schedule a free consultation, call my office at 816-533-3456. You can also reach me using my online contact form.