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Marijuana found near Missouri elementary school

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2019 | Drug Offenses |

Police seized what they described as a significant quantity of marijuana on Nov. 19 about a block away from a Belton elementary school. A Belton Police Department representative said the drugs had been packaged in a manner that suggested they were to be distributed. One individual was taken into custody in connection with the seized drugs. Criminal charges against the man are said to be pending.

The marijuana was discovered when BPD officers executed a search warrant at a residence on East Pacific Drive. Initial media reports do not reveal what may have led police to believe that the home contained drugs. The seized marijuana has been sent to a police laboratory for analysis according to the BPD.

In addition to marijuana, police said they found large quantities of marijuana byproducts in the home. A photograph posted on social media reportedly revealed that many of these products were brought into Missouri from states like Colorado where the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized. The use of the drug for medicinal purposes is now allowed in Missouri, but no licensed marijuana dispensaries are currently operating. A BPD representative said that finding drugs so close to a school was particularly worrying because of the violence that is often associated with even minor narcotics transactions.

Individuals taken into custody after illegal drugs are found in their homes or vehicles may believe that their best course of action is to cooperate fully with the authorities, but experienced criminal defense attorneys might advise them to remain silent instead. Drugs or other incriminating evidence discovered by police officers is not always admissible in court, and even items found during a legal search may be excluded in certain situations. Attorneys may seek to have this type of evidence ruled inadmissible when police officers conducted searches or obtained search warrants without sufficient probable cause or obtained warrants properly but exceeded limitations established by the issuing judge.

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