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Kansas City Drug Crime Lawyer Defending Missouri Clients Against Serious Drug Charges

If you are dealing with a drug problem, the legal system can complicate your progress. Rehab is much more conducive to recovery than prison. A criminal defense attorney who understands all of the options available can help you get the help necessary to put your life back on track.

Types of Drug Cases That We Handle

  • Illegal Possession of Narcotics or Controlled Substances (Including Methamphetamine & Cocaine): This refers to the illegal possession of drugs that are classified as having a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use, or drugs that have some accepted medical use but with severe restrictions. “Coke” and “Meth” are often cited as examples of such controlled substances. Being caught with these substances in certain amounts can lead to felony charges, which are more serious than misdemeanors and can result in heavier penalties..
  • Illegal Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Custody of Substance Abuse Accessories; Drug-Related Gear): This crime involves having items that are used in connection with illegal drugs. Paraphernalia can include various items such as pipes, syringes, or homemade devices designed for drug use. The definition of what constitutes paraphernalia can vary by jurisdiction but generally includes any equipment that could be used to prepare, inject, inhale, or conceal drugs.
  • Unlawful Possession of Prescription Drugs (Illicit Holding of Medically-Prescribed Substances): This is the possession of prescription medication without a valid prescription from a healthcare professional. It also includes having prescription drugs that are intended for someone else or obtaining them through fraudulent means.
  • Transporting, Trafficking, Manufacturing, Selling and Distributing Controlled Substances: These are a series of offenses that involve the movement, production, and provision of illegal drugs to others. Transporting usually refers to the movement of drugs from one place to another, trafficking typically involves large-scale distribution, manufacture relates to the production of drugs, and sale and distribution refer to the provision of drugs to end-users.
  • Fraudulent Prescriptions (Deceptive Medical Scripts; Fake Doctor’s Notes): This crime occurs when someone forges or alters a prescription, obtains a prescription by lying to a healthcare provider, or uses a prescription that was written for someone else. This is often done in order to obtain prescription drugs for illegal use or sale.
  • Pharm Parties (Prescription Medication Exchange Gatherings): “Pharm Parties” is a colloquial term referring to events where prescription drugs are shared and used recreationally. Attendees often bring their own prescription drugs to exchange or consume with others, which is illegal and dangerous due to the risks of overdose and drug interactions.
  • Juvenile Drug Charges (Drug-Related Accusations Against Minors): These charges are specific to individuals who are under the legal age of adulthood and are caught in violation of drug laws. This can include any of the aforementioned crimes but applies to minors. The legal system often handles juvenile drug offenses differently, focusing more on rehabilitation rather than punishment.

Negotiation Tools Are Available

I am Kansas City drug defense attorney Andrew T. Christie, and I know how frightening drug charges and the threat of jail time can be. I have helped many clients fight drug possession and distribution charges involving marijuana, meth and other illegal substances. I also defend clients against drug manufacturing charges.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I know a prison sentence can be damaging and will do everything I can to maintain your freedom.

Under Missouri law, people incarcerated for drug crimes often receive 120 days of treatment in prison, but this tends to be ineffective. You have other options. When a client comes to me after being charged with a drug crime, typically the first thing I do is get him or her into rehab. This can be used as a negotiating tool to show the prosecutor that this person is proactively seeking help for the problem. This strategy may lead the prosecutor to dismiss all charges or amend them from a felony to a misdemeanor.

A Drug Possession Attorney Protecting Your Rights

In addition to helping you find treatment for a drug problem, I will also analyze your case, looking for any search and seizure issues. If your constitutional rights were violated, I may be able to suppress the evidence against you. Drug cases rarely go to trial, but I have the skills and experience to fight for you in court when necessary.

If you have questions about your case after business hours or on weekends, you can call or text me on my personal phone. I know it can be difficult to find the funds necessary to pay for a defense lawyer on short notice. For this reason, I offer affordable rates and payment plans.

Contact Our Kansas City Drug Defense Lawyer Now

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