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The Sale And Distribution Of Drugs Is Aggressively Prosecuted

A conviction for drug distribution, or drug sales, carries heavy consequences. You need an attorney who will stand up to the government and fight for you in court. I am Andrew Christie. I have a reputation as a skilled trial attorney. I build strong defense strategies that work.

Located in Kansas City, my firm — The Law Office of Andrew T. Christie, LLC — provides strong, effective criminal defense to individuals in the surrounding communities. I will fight to protect you from the severe penalties of a drug distribution conviction.

Drug Distribution Penalties

In Missouri, distributing — or selling — any controlled substance, such as marijuana, meth, cocaine or heroin, is a felony. If convicted, you face anywhere from four years to life in prison, depending on the type and amount of drug, along with the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime.

Certain conditions — such as selling drugs to minors or near school property — will increase the penalties associated with a conviction.

Even after serving your time and paying your fines, the label of “convicted felon” will shadow you for life. Many people find it difficult to find a job or housing after a felony drug conviction. You will also lose your ability to own or possess a gun, even a hunting rifle, and will be ineligible for student financial aid.

A Strong Defense Against Felony Drug Charges

The police are not on your side. Even seemingly innocent conversations can and will be used against you. Do not talk without a lawyer present.

At The Law Office of Andrew T. Christie, LLC, I am on your side and will fight for you.

I investigate all of the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Were search warrants valid? Did police have probable cause to stop and search you? Were interrogation techniques legal? Were you read your Miranda rights?

If we find any constitutional violations, we will fight to have evidence thrown out and your drug charges reduced or dropped. Evidence gained during our investigation also gives us extra ammunition during plea negotiations.

At The Law Office of Andrew T. Christie, LLC, we will keep you informed during every stage of the criminal defense process. Contact us today at 816-533-3456 to schedule your free consultation.