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License Reinstatement After A DUI

There are two sides to most DUI cases — the criminal side and the administrative side. Besides jail time and other criminal penalties, you could get your driver’s license suspended or revoked. Needless to say, losing your driving privileges can greatly reduce your ability to keep your job and your general independence.

I am Missouri DUI attorney Andrew Christie. I am a former prosecutor who has spent several years as a criminal defense attorney serving Kansas City, Missouri, and the surrounding communities. I will work with you step by step to regain your driver’s license as soon as possible following a DUI arrest. Call me today at 816-533-3456 to get started.

Driver’s License Reinstatement In Missouri

Under Missouri law, if you are arrested for driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over the legal limit of .08 or if you decline a police order to take a BAC test, your driver’s license is automatically suspended. The length of the suspension depends on several factors, including your prior criminal record and if you refused the BAC test.

You have just 15 days from the date of suspension to request an administrative hearing to get your license reinstated. The system for appealing a license suspension is quite involved. It is very difficult for someone unfamiliar with the law to assert their right to appeal without a defense attorney’s assistance.

That is why you should contact me as soon as possible after a DUI arrest. Besides representing you in your criminal case, as your lawyer I will promptly file an administrative hearing request on your behalf. Over the years, I have helped thousands of clients get their driver’s licenses back within days instead of months or a year.

Assert Your Rights. Call Me Today.

If your license was suspended due to an arrest on suspicion of drinking and driving, you do not have time to lose. Contact The Law Office of Andrew T. Christie, LLC by calling 816-533-3456 to schedule a free case evaluation. You can also reach me using my online contact form. I am available to meet after business hours and on weekends.