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Legal Defense Against Robbery Charges

If you have been arrested or charged with robbery, you must not hesitate to take steps to defend yourself from the powers of the police and prosecution. Police officers may try to convince you to cooperate with their investigation, but remember their job is to gather evidence against you and help the prosecutor send you to prison.

I am criminal defense attorney Andrew T. Christie. I help residents of Kansas City, Missouri, and surrounding communities confront robbery charges and other felonies. Contact me at The Law Office of Andrew T. Christie, LLC, before you answer any questions from the police by calling 816-533-3456.

Robbery Charges Are Serious

In Missouri, robbery is the theft of another person’s property or money through the use of physical force, intimidation or threats. Armed robbery, or robbery using or threatening to use a “dangerous instrument” such as a gun, is a class A felony punishable by a minimum of 10 years in prison and up to 30 years to life.

Tough Kansas City Criminal Defense

I regularly take on felony cases, and I have the skill to investigate the case and the police officers’ conduct against you. I will make sure your rights are respected from the moment you are arrested until your case is resolved. As a trial lawyer, I have successfully defended clients against all levels of charges, from misdemeanors to the most serious felonies.

You have the right to have a defense lawyer representing you during police interrogations and at every step of the criminal justice process. Contact me immediately after you or a loved one is arrested: 816-533-3456. The first consultation is free.