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Are You Facing Drug Manufacturing Charges?

Were you charged with drug manufacturing? If so, you are facing a serious felony drug charge. The best way to protect your rights after a felony drug charge is to know what they are. At The Law Office of Andrew T. Christie, LLC, I take the time to explain your rights and your legal options to you. We will work together to build the strongest defense possible.

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, my firm represents clients in the surrounding communities who have been charged with drug manufacturing.

When facing serious drug charges, you need a serious trial attorney. I am attorney Andrew Christie. I have a reputation for successfully defending tough cases in court. I will fight for you.

Were Your Constitutional Rights Violated?

Drug manufacturing charges often come about through sting operations or after police enter your home or other property and find large amounts of chemicals, meth labs, marijuana grow houses or other manufacturing systems.

When building your defense, the first question I always ask is, “Were your constitutional rights violated?” I carefully examine search warrants to make sure they are valid and based on probable cause. I also evaluate the circumstances surrounding your arrest to ensure you were given proper Miranda warnings and weren’t subject to illegal interrogation methods.

If there is any evidence of constitutional violations, I will use it in your defense. I may be able to get evidence thrown out and your charges reduced, or even dropped, based on the type and timing of the violation.

Contact A Drug Manufacturing Defense Attorney Before Speaking To Police

Do NOT talk to police without an attorney present. Police are trained to get you to talk and incriminate yourself. Don’t give them the opportunity.

Instead, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. Call 816-533-3456 now to schedule a free consultation. I am available to meet with you in the evenings and on weekends, and make jail visits.