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Facing a felony? Get to know the different classes

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Felony Charges |

When you were arrested following a fight, you didn’t know that the other person was injured. When you later found out that they had passed away following the altercation, you were shocked. You also found yourself faced with felony charges that you never could have expected.

Felonies are serious crimes that are usually punishable with at least a year in prison among other penalties. The most serious kind of felony is a Class A felony, but there are many kinds.

Missouri has authorized terms of imprisonment (including terms for conditional release). They are:

  • Between 10 and 30 years to life as a sentence for a Class A felony
  • Between five and 15 years for a Class B felony
  • Up to seven years for a Class C felony
  • Up to four years for a Class D felony

Probation for a felony can last between one and five years, depending on the kind of felony charge that the defendant was convicted of.

Why is this important? As someone who is facing felony charges now, you’ll want to work closely with your attorney to reduce the penalties you’re facing. If you currently are facing charges that are classified as a Class A felony, even reducing the charges to a Class B could be significant for your case and prevent you from spending many more years in prison.

Different felonies also tend to come with various levels of fines, requirements to pay restitution and other financial implications. If you’re facing a felony now, it’s important to look into defending yourself to protect yourself and your goals for the future.