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Data shows racial disparities in drug arrests in Kansas City

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2020 | Drug Offenses |

According to information released by the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Black individuals accounted for 54% of the drug suspects referred to the Kansas City police for drug charges even though they only make up around 39% of the overall population. This data, which was collected from 2017 until Sept. 2020, was newly released at the beginning of Dec. 2020.

Interestingly, white residents didn’t face the same kind of disparity. In 42% of cases, white individuals were suspects. White people make up around 48% of the population.

This kind of racial disparity is a problem that your attorney should be looking out for when you work together. Being accused of a crime is one thing, but being unfairly subjected to penalties that others may not face because of the color of their skin is unacceptable.

The data shows greater disparities in “buy bust” cases

The data analyst with the prosecutor’s office went on to explain that the disparity grew in “buy bust” cases. In those cases, detectives bought drugs before arresting a dealer. In 2019, 80% of the people who were later defendants were Black. Only 14% of defendants were white.

Disparities in how people are treated make a difference in the justice system

It should be no surprise that people who are treated unfairly feel it the most in the justice system. They’re subjected to charges others may not end up facing, and they could end up with penalties that impact them for much longer.

If you feel that you’re being unfairly targeted or mistreated because of your race, it’s important to tell your attorney. They will watch for any biased behavior while helping you defend against drug offense charges.