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Remember these 4 tips to avoid prison with felony charges

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Criminal Defense, Felony Charges |

There is no easy way to be sure you won’t go to prison for a felony charge. The penalties you face will depend on what happened and the class of the felony.

However, there are some good tips for avoiding long prison sentences in some instances. For many people, following these tips can make at least some difference in the case.

What are some good ways to minimize the risk of going to prison for a felony charge?

There are four tips. They are as follows.

1. Hire your attorney immediately

The very first thing to do when you face felony charges is to start working with an attorney. Your attorney will help you understand the charges and work on a defense.

2. Be honest with your attorney

The next tip is to be honest with your attorney. Your attorney needs to know everything that happened, truthfully, to be able to help you.

3. Use your right to stay quiet

You’ve probably heard that you have the right to stay silent. Use that right. Anything you say or do could end up being used against you in court, so protect yourself by staying quiet with you’re with the authorities.

4. Be willing to negotiate

In some instances, you may be offered a plea deal that will reduce the amount of prison time you face or eliminate it completely. Be willing to negotiate to help yourself. If you go to court, then the outcome is completely out of your hands.

These are four tips that may help you avoid prison. Your attorney can talk to you more about protecting yourself against felony charges.