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Local charged in Grandview homicide

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Felony Charges |

As anyone who has ever been in an argument can attest, arguments can escalate fast. And, when one of the people in the argument has a fire arm, that escalation could lead to a shooting. This does not mean that one meant for it to happen, only that it did happen. In the heat of the moment, things escalate. This may be the unfortunate case of a local man who now faces criminal charges.

The Sunday shooting incident

According to the Kansas City Police Department, a tipster reported to them that they saw the alleged shooter running down a driveway firing multiple shots into the victim’s vehicle. From that report, and later investigation, a 21-year-old local man is accused of shooting another local Sunday afternoon near Bryars Road and East 129th Street in Grandview. Unfortunately, the local man died from the gunshot wound.

After the shooting incident

According to the Jackson County Court, the 21-year-old local man is now facing second degree murder and armed criminal action charges. During a search of his house, the KSPD alleged that they found marijuana, drug paraphernalia and several guns. KSPD also claimed that the local refused to talk to detectives.

The takeaways

For Kansas City, Missouri, residents accused of a crime, if there is any takeaways from this incident is that it is a smart move not to speak with detectives or police generally. They are not the friends of the accused, and when one is being arrested or accused, ask for a lawyer. If one is not provided, ask to leave. If they deny it, ask for a lawyer again. Once the lawyer arrives, then one can begin mounting a criminal defense.