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Criminal charges follow fight at Arrowhead Stadium

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Police are investigating at least 4 people after a fight broke out at a recent home game of the Kansas City Chiefs. Thus far, police have charged 3 different individuals. Another person was arrested but has not been formally charged with a crime.

It is possible that additional and more serious charges will be forthcoming. One person, who allegedly had a role in the fight, wound up being knocked unconscious. People continued to attack the man after he had been knocked out. The man also suffered a broken jaw in the altercation.

Fights at social events can lead to major criminal charges

It is of course okay for people to attend sporting events or participate in Kansas City’s exciting nightlife. As long as they are of age, they may also drink alcohol responsibly. Many people enjoy this aspect of Kansas City’s culture.

However, police and prosecutors get involved when alcohol or other factors lead to a public disturbance or to people getting hurt in a fight.

The resulting criminal charges can be quite serious. For example, under Missouri law, when someone breaks another person’s bone, the penalty can include years in prison and a felony conviction. Generally speaking, drunkenness will not be an excuse.

Even lesser assault charges can still be quite serious. Jail and fines are a possibility, and a person accused may have to spend time on probation and comply with special rules, such as mandatory counseling at their own expense.

Especially for people who work in certain trades and professions, any assault conviction can have severe professional consequences as well. A person wind up having to change careers since they will no longer be able to find a job after getting convicted.

Sometimes, the best strategy against an assault charge is to work out a fair deal that accounts for the circumstances. However, many times, there are legal defenses available to a person accused of assault.