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Building a strong defense against felony charges

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Criminal Defense, Felony Charges |

Serious, overwhelming, stressful and scary: These are all ways to describe what it is like to face a felony charge.

From the moment you are charged, the prosecution is working diligently on building a case against you. Thus, it is pertinent that you work as quickly and meticulously on a defense against the criminal allegations you are facing in Missouri.

Building a defense

At The Law Office of Andrew T. Christie, LLC, our Kansas City law firm has a long history of helping individuals navigate a criminal defense against felony charges. Our attorneys have handled some of the most serious felony charges, providing us with the experience, skills and knowledge to stand up for the rights of our clients.

Felony charges

There is no denying that felony charges are serious; however, the severity of the felony offense determines the potential criminal penalties. For example, a Class A felony carries the most severe penalties with a prison sentence ranging from 10 years to life.

In contrast, a class E felony carries a sentence of up to four years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

While incarceration may be the focal point when it comes to criminal penalties, the truth is that a felony conviction can reach all areas of your life. In addition to fines and a prison sentence, those convicted of a felony could face issues when it comes to employment and housing. Furthermore, it prevents them from owning or possessing a gun.

A felony charge is very impactful, which is why those accused of such a crime must take the time to explore their defense options. An immediate and strong defense could help the accused reduce or dismiss the charges against them. In turn, this could reduce the penalties faced or even clear their name.