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Understanding what happens during a person’s first DUI arrest

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2018 | Dui |

For drivers in Missouri, getting their first DUI can be an overwhelming and terrifying experience. When a person is charged with a DUI, it means that they are being accused of driving while being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In many cases, a person could expect to be arrested and serve some jail time. Depending on the circumstances, a judge may allow an individual to leave jail after they have paid bail. Later, they may need to go to court for a hearing that may result in them losing their license, paying fines, or spending additional time in jail.

When a person is accused of a DUI, they will usually be required to take a breath test or a sobriety test. Failing this test often leads to a person being arrested and taken to jail. Some individuals may refuse a breathalyzer test. They could still be taken to jail and be required to have their urine or their blood tested.

In most cases, an individual who is accused of a DUI offense and does not have a previous record may receive a penalty that is lighter than an individual who is a repeat offender. The amount of time a first-time offender will need to stay in jail before they can post bond will vary. They will likely be required to stay in jail until their blood alcohol level comes down to a legal limit or are no longer under the influence of the offending substance.

When a person is charged with a DUI, they may benefit from the services of a criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney may be able to help their client at any stage of the justice system from the criminal investigation all the way to a person’s release from prison.