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Summer fun turns into disaster if you are arrested for DWI

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2021 | Dui |

This summer may look very different for people in Kansas City, Missouri, than the summer of 2020 did. People are going to barbecues, family reunions, festivals or simply to happy hour sometimes for the first time in months. Alcohol is usually served at many of these occasions, and it is easy these days to celebrate life. Most people drink responsibly but even a responsible drinker can find themselves being pulled over by police on their drive home and accused of drunk driving. Missouri recognizes two types of drunk driving: DWI and DWI per se.

What is DWI per se?

A motorist whose blood alcohol content is 0.08% or higher will be automatically charged with DWI without any further evidence of inebriation needed. This is the type of DWI most people in Missouri are familiar with. The motorist’s BAC can be determined by a breath test when they are pulled over or by a blood test. A person can be charged with DWI per se as long as the vehicle is running, even if they are not actually driving anywhere or even if the motorist is asleep in their vehicle on the side of the road.

What is DWI?

Did you know you can be charged with DWI in Missouri even if your BAC is below 0.08%? It is true. A person can be charged with DWI if they are operating a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner under the influence of alcohol even if their BAC is below the legal limit. Police observation and field sobriety tests can provide the necessary evidence for police to arrest a person for DWI.

Learn more about drunk driving in Missouri

A DWI can turn summer fun into a summer disaster. Those convicted of DWI in Missouri can lose their driver’s license, be fined or even be sent to jail. Any of these consequences can significantly impact a person’s life both in the now and for years to come. This post is for informational purposes only and does not contain legal advice. Our firm’s webpage on drunk driving may be a useful resource for those who want to learn more about their rights.