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What are some common DUI defense strategies?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Dui |

When a Kansas City area resident is facing a DUI, it can be a serious matter. Law enforcement takes these crimes seriously and a conviction can bring life-altering penalties. Luckily a criminal defense attorney has a number of strategies they use to defend their client against a DUI charge.

When a person has been pulled over for a DUI, they can feel scared and embarrassed. Their future is now in jeopardy and the stakes are high. There are a number of tactics their criminal defense attorney may use in defending their client. These include:

  • Improper police stop. If a law enforcement officer did not have reasonable suspicion to pull over the driver, then the charges may be dismissed. Police must actually see the defendant do something wrong in order to pull someone over. So, if a person was not speeding, swerving, and obeying all traffic laws then any evidence against them may be inadmissible.
  • Field test protocol. There are certain protocols that must be followed when a law enforcement officer administers a field sobriety test. If an officer engaged in disrespectful, inappropriate or overly intimidating behavior the evidence may not be allowed.
  • Medical conditions. A defendant may have a medical condition that affected their breathalyzer test or created an appearance of drunkenness. Allergies, fatigue, neurological problems, diabetic ketosis, and others may affect a test.

These, and many more DUI defenses can be offered by an attorney who specializes in criminal defense. They understand that their client’s future is on the line and will fight these charges for their client.