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How do you get your Missouri driving privileges back?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Dui |

Driving presents comfort and ease in mobilizing our daily activities. A license suspension, revocation or denial can cause substantial troubles in how we move our lives. Anyone who has lost their license must brace for spending reasonable time, money and effort following all necessary steps to regain their driving privileges.

Meeting requirements for reinstatement

The Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) lists the types of violations you can commit that can cause you to lose your driver’s license. The crucial first step is to determine the specific offense you enacted because that will affect the following procedures:

  • Receipt of suspension, revocation or denial notice: You will receive a letter from the Driver License Bureau providing information about your violation. You have the option to challenge the letter through a court hearing. The same details are on your existing Missouri driver record. If you do not have a copy of your form, you may purchase it at any Missouri license office with applicable fees.
  • Filing forms with corresponding fees: You must fill out certain forms and pay legal fees depending on your violation. For instance, aside from a $20 reinstatement fee, non-alcohol moving violations like speeding require you to complete an SR-22 form or proof of liability insurance. Further, if you lost your driver’s license because you refused to take an alcohol or drug test, you pay $65 for an SR-22 insurance form and completion of the Substance Awareness Traffic Offender Program (SATOP).
  • Check your eligibility for a Driver Improvement Program: This program is available if your violation is accumulating too many points. It brings down your points and may even prevent you from suspension, revocation or denial.

Others also qualify for a limited driving privilege or a hardship license. This entitles them to drive a vehicle solely for work, school or medical purposes. This limited permission is available for those whose offenses are non-violent.

Driving again

Having your driving privileges back seems straightforward until you must precisely fill out documents and petition your case in court. The opportunity to return to the road rests on your ability to exercise prudence in such legal matters.