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How frequent are DUIs in the summertime?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2023 | Dui |

Many students and working adults look forward to the summer season as a time to take a break and enjoy some well-earned vacation time. Hitting the road for an extended trip or even just a small outing can be one way to enjoy the warm months, but it is important to remain aware of the risks of an alcohol-impaired driving accident.

DUI incidents tend to be more frequent in the summer months, which also means that police officers may be on heightened alert in search of drivers operating their vehicles while under the influence. By understanding just how common DUIs are during summertime, you can make better decisions while enjoying your time off.

How common are DUIs in the summer?

Research from MoneyGeek indicates that summer accounts for 28% of drunk-driving fatalities, making it the deadliest season in regard to DUI accidents. This means that of the 13,490 projected DUI fatalities across the U.S. for the year 2023, an estimated 3,777 of them will occur in the summer months. This increased likelihood of DUIs could be due to the high number of people taking vacations and cutting loose of their inhibitions.

How common are DUIs in Missouri?

According to national drunk driving statistics, 235 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities occurred in Missouri in 2019. This figure accounts for over 26% of all driving fatalities, illustrating the dangers of drunk driving especially in the summertime when DUIs are even more common.

The frequency of drunk driving incidents in the summer not only increases your risk of experiencing an accident but also of a DUI arrest. If a police officer does pull you over for a suspected DUI, it is important to know your rights and to take appropriate legal action.